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Rodent Control

Rodent Control in Austin

Rodents come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but there are some characteristics that all rodents have in common. When you think of rodents, you probably think of mice and rats. However, rodents are more than just these two common pests for which you might need extermination or removal in Austin.

The rodents you will most likely find rummaging throughout your home are squirrels, mice, and rats. Because their teeth are constantly growing, rodents always need a chewing source to file down their teeth. If these pests are currently living in your home, this could mean wood, wires, insulation, and even your valuable belongings.

Most people underestimate just how much damage rodents can do to the structure of their homes. When searching for a source to file their teeth, they can damage insulation, breaking your A/C unit, or fray electrical wiring which can lead to fires. Rodents reproduce at a very high rate, meaning that allowing even one or two rodents to take refuge in your home could quickly turn into dozens within a matter of weeks.

If you’re searching for a rat, mice, squirrel, raccoon, possum, or any other type of rodent removal service in Austin, Buda, Driftwood, Georgetown, Lakeway, or any other surrounding area of Austin, contact Real Green Pest Control & Lawn Care today and our team of experts will rapidly rid your house of these unwelcome “guests!”


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If you live in Austin, then as an Austin homeowner, you might have encountered a rodent or two near or on your property.  Many Austin homeowners find themselves having to look for a pest control company that can help with their rodent problems.

There are many types of rodents and insects that can invade Texas, mice and rats being the most prevalent in Austin.   But those are not the only rodents or insects that can invade your home, there are also squirrels, gophers, beavers, porcupines, groundhogs, ants, and spiders – just to name a few.

Signs of Rodents
  • Droppings.  About the size of a grain of rice, droppings can be bigger or smaller depending on the rodent’s size.
  • Burrows.  Small holes, located near or around your home, could be a sign that they may already be in your home.
  • Teeth or Gnawing Marks.  Rodents tend to want to chew.  They will typically chew on wood or wires.  Look for sawdust or wood chips near wooden doors or baseboards.
Dealing With Rodents

There are many factors to consider when rodents have made their way onto your property and home. Rodents carry diseases and illnesses which you can contract through cross contamination of food, direct contact with the animal and especially through urine or feces left behind. 

Another thing you might not have considered are fleas and ticks, which are also carried by rodents and could cause a whole host of problems in your home.

Although rodents may be residing in or near your property, there are ways to control and even prevent visits from these four-legged creatures.  The following are steps in rodent control that can be taken to keep them from entering your home.


  • Entrances.  Conduct a thorough inspection of your property and seal off any cracks, gaps in your foundation, windows, doors and even roofs.   Using chew proof materials for sealant, like metal or concrete, will help in preventing them from using these entry points.   If you have a chimney, consider installing a chimney cap to close off this entryway.  Rodents are sneaky creatures, and they will figure out a way to get into your home.
  • Debris.  Remove any outdoor debris on your property.  Trim down grasses. Piles of wood should be limited in size and off the ground.  Pay special attention to fruit trees and any fallen fruit.  Check your gutters for debris.
  • Storage Areas.  These areas should be kept free of clutter and be organized. 
  • Lawn Care.  Landscaping and lawn care at your property play a huge part in controlling rodents.  Keep plants and bushes trimmed.  You may even consider removing them to get rid of rodent hiding places.
  • Trees.  Trim any branches that may overhang, especially if the trees are close to your home.  Rodents will use these branches to find entry into your home.
  • Water.  Any sources of water; bird baths, fountains, leaky faucets – should be removed or repaired.

If you find that rodents have invaded your property. There are ways to get rid of and deter them.

  • Food.  Rodents are attracted to food, so be sure that there is no food left out on the counters, and that all food is sealed in airtight containers, this will include food in your pantry. Don’t leave dirty dishes on counters or in the sink.  Outdoor eating areas should be kept clear of food. This includes dog food – food should not be left in feeding bowls.
  • Spills.  Clean up any liquid or food spills immediately. Get rid of this easy source of food.
  • Garbage.  Make it hard for them to access any outdoor food sources, by sealing off any outdoor garbage bins. Garbage in your home should be disposed of daily.

Rats are a huge issue in Austin, they love dark, hidden, out of the way places. If you can eliminate their nesting and food source, you can prevent them from invading your home.


Our technicians will conduct a complete evaluation of your property and determine the best solution for your home.  We will share our findings and solutions with you.  The evaluation could include the following:


  • Determine the type of rodent that has made its residence in your home.  Once we have made this determination, we have a better understanding of the procedure needed to eliminate and remove the pesky rodents from your home. 
  • Determine how rodents are gaining entrance to your home
  • Determine what is attracting the rodents to your property
Rodent Removal and Extermination

Once the evaluation has been completed of your property, we will share our findings and offer recommendations for you. There are several steps that could be taken to address the issue. These will be discussed with you before we start any work on your property.

  • Address any concerns on what is attracting the rodents, indoor or outdoor
  • Seal off any entrances that rodents are using to gain entrance, to prevent any other rodents or insects from gaining access to your home
  • Use the best solution to remove or exterminate rodents in your home by using traps or other extermination and or removal services

Rodent removal is a difficult process to complete on your own, and we highly recommend that you reach out to a company that has the experience needed to get the job done. 

When looking to a company for rat removal services, look for one that specializes in Austin rodent control. Since rats reproduce at such a high rate, the quicker you respond to the issue, the better.   

The professionals at Real Green Pest Control offer rodent control services, rat removal and extermination services. We offer free quotes, and we have the experience needed to tackle any uninvited guests in your Austin home.

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