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Lawn and landscape add 18% to a home’s value. Our lawn program is designed to produce the best results, so you get a denser, beautiful, and weed free lawn. Locally owned by the same Austin family since 1989, Real Green Lawn has a great reputation for outstanding service, integrity and experience. Why would people hire us? We are the best at what we do, lawn care. Every year, many of our customers are awarded “Lawn of the Month” awards. That’s because we act with care, every time, and are experienced enough to know what to do. Our lawn care program ensures more green, and less weeds.


We are licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture and the Texas Structural Pest Control Board. We are horticulturists, arborists, and plant diagnosticians. We are members of: Independent Lawn Care Association, The Professional Lawn Care Association, The International Society of Arboriculture, The Texas Forestry Association, The National Arborist Association, and The Society of Commercial Arborists.

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Austin Lawn Care Experts


Real Green’s lawn service is customized to your lawn with professional grade products and fight the tough, drought related weeds, lawn-damaging bugs and disease while providing a nutrient-rich diet and water saving products to thicken and green up your lawn. No more messy fertilizer and chemical storage. No more concerns about burning your yard. You water and mow, we’ll do the rest.

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Real Green Services are known for our great service and low prices throughout Austin and the Central Texas area. We currently service all of Austin and a large portion of the Central Texas area, please call us if you have any questions!

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There are many reasons for hiring a landscape professional. The main one is time. Your lawn will require time to keep it looking good, neat, healthy and manicured. Do you have the time to invest in your lawn? As much as we’d like to do things on our own, sometimes our busy lives do not allow it. The second is knowledge. In-depth knowledge makes a landscape professional able to spot any issues your plants, trees or lawns might be experiencing. Real Green Service and Lawn Care will know how to address any issues that are detected and any diseases that might be impacting your trees, lawn, and plants.

An experienced landscape company doesn’t second guess what is needed, they know what is needed to address any issue. Real Green Pest Control and Lawn Care knows when certain plants need trimming, when your lawn needs over seeded, and when it is the optimal time to plant new grass.

When taking care of your lawn, there are many things to consider – when to aerate, when to fertilize and when and how to cut your grass and when to trim your plants. One thing to consider when taking care of your lawn is fertilization and weed control prevention and maintenance. Post emergent and pre-emergent work hand in hand in controlling and minimizing weeds at your property.

The professionals at Real Green Pest Control and Lawn Care are armed with the right equipment needed to complete their services in a timely and efficient manner.

Fastest Growing Company in Texas


Should you decide to take care of your own lawn, you must know that taking care of your lawn is a year-round job. There are many steps you must do to have a great looking lawn. Should you have any grass located at your property, there are steps and schedules to follow in order to keep it in great shape.

· Watering time. Morning is best, when temperatures are lower, this will help to prevent water waste and evaporation. It is best to water deeply and infrequently, to allow water to go deeper into their roots.

· Over Seeding. This is best done late spring to early summer. The warm weather will help germination and is best for growth during this time.

· Aeration. The best time to aerate is when the grass is growing. Compacted soil will affect grass growth and aeration will help to allow air, nutrients, and water to reach grass roots, which will help your lawn to be stronger.

· Mowing. The best time to mow is mid-morning or later in the afternoon. Any other time will put stress on your grass. This should be done at least twice per month, anymore and your lawn will show stress and dry out. The mowing height depends on the type of grass you have at your property. After mowing, instead of collecting lawn clippings, consider leaving them on your lawn to provide your grass with a more natural fertilizer.

· Equipment. Any equipment used to mow your property will require upkeep to ensure that it’s working at its optimum performance. Blades must be sharpened to prevent damage to your grass. Mowing with a dull blade can lead to disease.

The City of Austin does have a code in place regarding grass and weeds on your property. Anything over 12 inches in height is a code violation and is something to consider when thinking about taking care of your own lawn. Should you become so busy that you can’t keep up, you might receive a citation for unsanitary conditions at your property.

Should you decide to go with a landscape company to provide this service, we hope you choose Real Green Pest Control and Lawn Care. We will proudly service your property with the exact care we provide to our own.
Important to Know The Difference Between Mulch and Compost

Mulch and compost both provide valuable benefits to your soil and plants, but in very different ways.

Mulch has a multitude of benefits for the surface that it’s applied to. It provides protection, helps with moisture retention, keeps the soil cool, and prevents erosion, all while making your landscape aesthetically pleasing.  Mulch can be made of natural and synthetic materials, but still provide some of the same benefits.  Mulch can consist of bark, pine, grass clipping even newspapers, leaves, and straw – all organic materials which provide nutrients to the soil.

Non-organic mulch provides the same type of protection, weed blocking, soil protection, and water retention and will last much longer than organic material, but without any of the nutritional benefits natural mulch provides.

The type of mulch you choose is your preference, keeping in mind function and the aesthetics you’d like to see at your property.  New materials are introduced all the time to create nonorganic mulch. It is best to review all available options before making any purchase and installation. 

While mulch is added to the surface around your plants.  Compost is a different application that will benefit your plants directly, since it’s added into the soil around the plants or trees.

Without going into too much detail, compost is made up of decayed organic matter that improves fertility and structure to your plants and the soil. Compost is made out of food waste or green waste and once added to soil, the soil’s composition will change, since it increases the soil’s nutrients.  If you add compost to sandy soil, it will help it to retain water – while adding compost to a clay soil will improve its water drainage and help with air circulation.

The professionals at Real Green Pest Control and Lawn Care can answer any of your questions and suggest the best application for you.

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