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Aqualizer Services Austin, TX

Aqualizer Services Austin TX


Enjoy our free book, Secrets to a Great Lawn. “Watering and Mowing Guide for the Austin Area” is a free pamphlet. This book will explain how much to water specific types of grass, based on sunlight, temperature and rainfall. It will help you calibrate your irrigation system as well as set the run times for the amount of water and recommend mowing heights for types of grass. It’s updated for Austin’s Irrigation Ordinance. You’ll get the Lawn Care book and the Watering Mowing Guide when you request a lawn analysis online.

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Just like our bodies, plants need a continual source of water to grow and remain healthy. Even during times of normal rainfall and in between scheduled waterings plants can suffer from a lack of sufficient water, known as “drought stress”. Unfortunately, by the time the first visible sign of drought stress appears plants’ and turf grasses’ internal processes (photosynthesis, carbohydrate translocation, cell differentiation, cell elongation, & cell division) have ceased. This complete shutdown of the physiological processes results in weak, under-developed plants, that are prone to diseases, nutrient deficiencies, shallow roots, reduced flowering and poor crop yields. Ultimately the overall quality of your plants and lawn suffers.

Its simple mechanism protects turf and plants from the harmful effects of drought stress, reducing disease pressure and root shrinkage. Aqualizer will result in healthy, disease resistant plants that will improve the overall quality of your lawn, landscaping and vegetable gardens. Aqualizer does not hold excess water in the root zone and therefore does not promote disease. It also will not change the water holding capacity or percolation of the soil matrix (except in the case of severely hydrophobic soils as above). Aqualizer is not a wetting agent, polymer, penetrant, or antitranspirant. No other product has the ability to actually attract free water molecules and then release them through osmosis into the roots of your turf. It is a truly unique compound that has no equal.

How To Apply

Each application reduces watering for up to 45 days. For additional moisture management, spot treatment of isolated dry patches or additional protection during prolonged hot, dry conditions, Aqualizer may be applied at rates up to 5 times the following application rates, either as a single application or in multiple applications. (Always rinse Aqualizer off foliage and flowers and into the soil where Aqualizer is designed to function.)

Lawns: Soil should be wet to moist (but not saturated) before applying Aqualizer. Water thoroughly the night before or a few hours before applying. Immediately after applying, water thoroughly, rinsing Aqualizer down into the root zone, where it is designed to function. (Approximately 1/2 inch of water is needed.)

Re-watering Aqualizer Treated Plants and Grass: Aqualizer extends watering requirements by managing excess moisture. Therefore, for maximum effect, it is important to water thoroughly when re-watering Aqualizer-treated areas, providing excess subsurface moisture for Aqualizer to manage. Aqualizer is biodegradable. Re-application every three months allows Aqualizer to build up in the soil profile, providing even greater drought resistance with each application.

Aqualizer is organic and fully biodegradable. It contains no phosphates, petrochemical derivatives or other toxic fractions, which may cause ground water runoff contamination.
Aqualizer begins to break down in approximately 90 days. Re-application every 90 days allows Aqualizer to build up in the soil profile providing even greater drought resistance with each application.

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Real Green’s lawn service is customized to your lawn with professional grade products and fight the tough, drought related weeds, lawn-damaging bugs and disease while providing a nutrient-rich diet and water saving products to thicken and green up your lawn. No more messy fertilizer and chemical storage. No more concerns about burning your yard. You water and mow, we’ll do the rest.

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