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With Real Green Pest Control, you can finally get rid of all the pests that bother and bite.

One of our experienced exterminators will visit your home, assess the property, and determine the best course of action that can be taken, to provide you with a pest-free home. There are many things to consider when deciding how to treat your property for pests.

You can count on Real Green Pest Control & Lawn Care to provide the best service in pest control in Austin.

Expect More, Get More; with Real Green!

Our pest control program and services are highly cost-effective because we pay attention to detail. This allows us to catch the presence of insects in a timely fashion, thus reducing the amount of treatment needed and therefore the cost of cure.

Texas is known for many things – it’s famous BBQ, Football, and chili, to name a few.  Austin is especially known to be the Live Music Capital of the World.  It is home to awesome museums and many one-of-a-kind attractions. Austin has an abundance of venues to keep you busy if you love the nightlife. From gardens to zip lines, and food to rolling hills, Austin will have something you can experience and enjoy – indoors or outdoors.

Another thing that Texas is known for is its creepy crawly critters. Thanks in part to the weather, Texas makes a wonderful and optimum home to pests that love to make your home their home. 

Our big and mighty state is home to many common pests, and Real Green Pest Control are just the experts needed for exterminating. The most common being, Mosquitoes, Fire AntsTermitesFleas & TicksChinch Bugs, InsectsMosquitos and general extermination services.

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Real Green Services is known for our great service and low prices throughout Austin and the Central Texas area.

Our experts at Real Green Pest Control and Lawn Care know just what it takes to keep those critters at bay.  Sleep peacefully at night knowing that our professionals are licensed and knowledgeable to handle your pest control needs.

We currently service all of Austin and a large portion of the Central Texas area, please call us if you have any questions!

We service Austin, Leander, Cedar Park, Kyle, Buda, Spicewood, Jonestown, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Andice, Georgetown, Walburg, Liberty Hill, Hutto, and many others.


The best time to treat for pests in Texas is during the Springtime. Pest numbers are relatively low during this time, which will allow for a long-lasting and effective treatment. It is also ideal to apply when rain isn’t expected, and the day is cloudy with a moderate temperature. When dealing with pests it’s always best to treat them on a schedule, a quarterly application is optimum to keep them at bay.

It may not seem a great concern when you see ants or a lone spider here and there, but some spiders are venomous, while ants can be a tremendous nuisance due to their vast numbers. They will slowly make their way into your home, and you should have some plan in place as to how you will address and treat them.


These two services are vastly different but offer the same end result, removing the pests that are bothering you. The difference is, pest control relies on finding out why pests are present at your property and addressing the issue and removing the items that attracted the pests to your property in the first place. Products may still be used in targeted areas to address the pests, but they will be environmentally friendly, and will be less toxic to you and your pets. The ultimate goal is to find a long-term solution to your pest problem.

With the extermination process, chemicals are used and applied in and around your property to get rid of the pests without trying to figure out why they’re at your property. Chemicals will leave a residue and a chemical odor that will work for several weeks or months to help eradicate the problem. These chemicals will need to be re-applied regularly to ensure that new pests that cross your property’s path, are not tempted to invade your domain.

It is your decision on the type of application you’d like to implement at your property, ask your technician questions to ensure that you are making the right one.


There are several things you should keep in mind when hiring a company for pest control.

· License. Texas requires that all technicians be licensed to apply any general or restricted pesticide. Don’t be afraid to ask your technician for license information and their experience.

· Application. A reputable company is willing to share the type of application that will be implemented for treatment of your property. Be wary of hiring any company that is not willing to share the type of application they will be using; a company should be willing to share these details with you for your safety and protection.

· Strategy. Any company that you hire should have a strategy to contain any pesticides applied at your property. Care should be taken with cross contamination, and especially limited to be kept away from pets and children’s play areas.

· Knowledge. A knowledgeable technician will help you to come up with a plan and give tips to keep pests away from your property between visits. Care should be taken if the technician is unwilling to help with preventative guidelines.

· Pests. When contracting with a company, be sure they are knowledgeable and able to treat for your type of pest problem. Not every company can treat every pest. Do your homework and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

· Guarantee. Does the company offer any type of guarantee to their application? A reputable company will offer a follow-up treatment between visits if you notice a recurrence in pests, usually at no additional cost.

While it may sound like a good idea to treat your own property. There is much you must know to ensure that the application you are using will be effective in eradicating the pests at your property. A licensed company has access to strong products that will be both effective and efficient in addressing your concerns.

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